Wednesday, 31 July 2013

For when I'm rich Wish List

I love Harvey Nichols. As an always-on-a-budget student, I figure that if I'm going to make myself miserable with window shopping  I might as well do it in style. 
And yesterday I did just that. 
And yesterday I fell in love.
I realise I probably fall in love with something every time I wander into the likes of Harvey Nichols or Selfridges but I swear, this time I'm serious. 

How beautiful is that?!
at £2,645 it is most definitely out of my price range but its just so gorgeous and looks even more amazing in real life.  

I also spent most of my time drooling over the bags and shoes but I'm fairly sure most girls do that haha.

Anyway, back in reality, the wonderful British heatwave that I was becoming so accustomed to has sadly disappeared, so I'm back to dressing myself in raincoats and constantly carrying an umbrella. 

Oh I miss you sunshine :(


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inglot O2M nail review!

Hello hello hello! 

This morning I was greeted with a wonderful surprise. My new Inglot O2M nail enamel arrived.

Inglot O2M is different from all other nail polishes in that it claims to be breathable. This means that it allows oxygen and water moisture to pass through into the nail. The big advantage of this is that it reduces the amount of damage that nail polish can cause to the nail. It also is supposed to help reduce the staining that can happen on the nails from painting them regularly. 

I ordered the O2M in nail colour 650. 

Its a sort of maroon-y shade, flittering between red, purple and brown depending on the lighting. 
Application consistency is wonderful. It goes on super smoothly and I only needed 2 coats. Whats more is that its already so shiny so a top coat isn't really necessary. 
It can last from anywhere between 5-10 days. And that's when I'm working in a buy pharmacy as well, so I can only imagine how long it would last if I was relaxing! 

The HUGE downside, however, is the price. at £11 a bottle its ridiculously expensive. Plus, living in the UK means that the only store that sells it is based in London -  a six hour train ride away. So on top of the £11, there's the postage price of £5. 

Having said that, I already own three. So for me personally, it's worth the cost if you're looking for something of very good quality/longevity and that will reduce the amount of damage on the nails. 

colours 638, 656 and 647

I also made a trip to the Trafford Centre today so I thought I would do a quick OOTD for you all :) 

maxi dress: Forever 21
shirt&belt: New Look
(outfit worn with Vans but I'm so short, you can't see them haha!)

I didn't buy much, mainly because I'm off to Turkey and Kenya in a few weeks so I figured anything I want from here, I can buy from there cheaper but I did get some lovely midi rings. 

I'm a huge fan of rings and have been wanting to try these out for ages. For £3.90 from Forever 21, I could hardly complain haha!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Zara Xo

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I can't live Goody Spin Pins

 I have a love-hate relationship with hair grips (bobby pins). I love that they keep my hair in place, but I hate how I always need to use loads to keep my hair in place and how I can never find one when I need it.

Then, I was introduced to these Goody Spin Pins. Cheap as chips for £5.49 from Boots, They hold as much hair as using 20 hair grips and are super easy to use; hold hair up in a bun and then twist the pins in on alternate sides of the bun to hold into place!

My favourite thing about these little beauties is that they don't pull out any hair. I used to tie my hair in a messy bun with a bobble but that caused loads of breakage - I actually moulted. 

You can also use them to just pin half your hair up or for securing hair from falling out of a side plait - so versatile!

I always keep a set in my bag so I can use them at any moment, genuinely cannot go a day without them!

Any tricks you have for keeping hair in place? Let me know below!

Zara Xo

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Zambian adventures

I'm so lucky to have family from Zambia. My mum (and the rest of her family) were born and raised there and I've been blessed enough to visit the wonderful country. I was fourteen the last time I visited and to this day it is still the best holiday I have ever been on. From its breathtaking scenery to the humbleness you experience when you see the poverty, it truly is an incredible country.

We lived with family for the most part but when visiting the Victoria Falls we stayed in a hotel called "Zambezi Sun" which is part of the 'Sun International" chain of hotels. And boy, am I glad we did! The service and treatment we got from staff was impeccable -  all so friendly and willing to help. But the most amazing thing about the hotel were the zebras. They were all around the grounds; just lounging about in the sun. It was genuinely so amazing to be so close to them. 

Another amazing part of this holiday was the safari. We stayed in straw huts that were literally placed on the edge of a cliff, above a lake full of hippos and alligators (so clearly not too safe when there's children running about haha), and at night we could hear the hyenas wandering around our huts. Terrifying but such an experience! There were safari outings during the day and our nights spent relaxing around a fire, toasting sweet potatoes and chatting. 

A zambian sunset. One of the most breathtaking sights. 

 Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the locals we met without including a family member but we saw the reality of Zambian living without all the prettiness clouding the view. They were all such wonderful people though with pure happiness within their hearts even though they were struggling. My cousin was given the nickname 'feeder of the 5000' because even if it was just sweets he was handing out, he wouldn't leave any child without. 

I'm hoping to go back there again next year since its been so long! I cannot wait to see the family again and make new experiences. Maybe this time I'll be able to sneak a baby elephant back to England with me! Till then, these memories are more than enough to carry me through <3 


For the love of baby oil

For skin as soft as a baby's bottom. 

As someone who has a darker skin complexion, dry skin is much more noticeable if you suffer badly from it. And sadly I do. Over the years I have tried many lotions and potions all which are either too greasy or need constant reapplication and its honestly cost me a fortune!

And then I discovered the skin miracle that is Johnsons Baby Oil. My nan mentioned using it a while back, but I just dismissed it thinking that it was too greasy and sticky but after everything else had failed me, I had nothing left to lose. I've not looked back since. 

I apply it after I've showered whilst my skin is still wet/damp so it absorbs better and seals into my skin. The tiniest drop goes such a long way that instead of feeling greasy, my skin feels soft and moisturised - like a baby's bottom! It also lasts all day so I don't need to carry moisturiser around with me in my bag. 

Whats even more amazing is the price. It's around £3 for a 300ml bottle which genuinely lasts forever (I've had my bottle for around 4months now, use it every day and its only just half way).

Another amazing use for it on my hair. I have naturally coarse, frizzy hair that isn't helped by the fact I dye it regularly. 
Instead of purchasing expensive 'hair taming' products, every week, I just apply baby oil on dry hair, leave it overnight and then wash it out properly in the morning with shampoo and conditioner.

Super soft skin and hair for barely any cost whatsoever!

Do you have any amazing beauty secrets? Let me know below!

Love Zara X

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Living in the moment

When I first heard Newton Faulkner's song 'Sugar In the Snow' I fell in love. The song, whilst being incredibly catchy, also contains some wonderful lyrics about taking every opportunity and living life without regret 

"And all the thing that held us back
That drained us like an hourglass
Will disappear like sugar in the snow"

Admittedly, the song was probably in reference to love rather than actual life experiences (as most songs are these days) but I think the end message is still the same - never give in when things don't go as planned, just roll with it and 'live in the moment.'

This blog will hopefully follow the warm message Mr. Faulkner provides; I hope to share my stories with you all, from shopping and beauty to holiday adventures and also my not so smooth (but definitely exciting) journey from being a normal university student into working young adult. 

Lots of love