Saturday, 20 July 2013

Living in the moment

When I first heard Newton Faulkner's song 'Sugar In the Snow' I fell in love. The song, whilst being incredibly catchy, also contains some wonderful lyrics about taking every opportunity and living life without regret 

"And all the thing that held us back
That drained us like an hourglass
Will disappear like sugar in the snow"

Admittedly, the song was probably in reference to love rather than actual life experiences (as most songs are these days) but I think the end message is still the same - never give in when things don't go as planned, just roll with it and 'live in the moment.'

This blog will hopefully follow the warm message Mr. Faulkner provides; I hope to share my stories with you all, from shopping and beauty to holiday adventures and also my not so smooth (but definitely exciting) journey from being a normal university student into working young adult. 

Lots of love


  1. "Sugar in the snow" is such a great composition of words. It's just lovely, and makes me listen for more! Thank you for the interesting post. <3 ^__^

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  2. Hello, I have nominated you for the liebster award over on my blog! it would be great if you took part :)
    Shelley xox