Saturday, 27 July 2013

Inglot O2M nail review!

Hello hello hello! 

This morning I was greeted with a wonderful surprise. My new Inglot O2M nail enamel arrived.

Inglot O2M is different from all other nail polishes in that it claims to be breathable. This means that it allows oxygen and water moisture to pass through into the nail. The big advantage of this is that it reduces the amount of damage that nail polish can cause to the nail. It also is supposed to help reduce the staining that can happen on the nails from painting them regularly. 

I ordered the O2M in nail colour 650. 

Its a sort of maroon-y shade, flittering between red, purple and brown depending on the lighting. 
Application consistency is wonderful. It goes on super smoothly and I only needed 2 coats. Whats more is that its already so shiny so a top coat isn't really necessary. 
It can last from anywhere between 5-10 days. And that's when I'm working in a buy pharmacy as well, so I can only imagine how long it would last if I was relaxing! 

The HUGE downside, however, is the price. at £11 a bottle its ridiculously expensive. Plus, living in the UK means that the only store that sells it is based in London -  a six hour train ride away. So on top of the £11, there's the postage price of £5. 

Having said that, I already own three. So for me personally, it's worth the cost if you're looking for something of very good quality/longevity and that will reduce the amount of damage on the nails. 

colours 638, 656 and 647

I also made a trip to the Trafford Centre today so I thought I would do a quick OOTD for you all :) 

maxi dress: Forever 21
shirt&belt: New Look
(outfit worn with Vans but I'm so short, you can't see them haha!)

I didn't buy much, mainly because I'm off to Turkey and Kenya in a few weeks so I figured anything I want from here, I can buy from there cheaper but I did get some lovely midi rings. 

I'm a huge fan of rings and have been wanting to try these out for ages. For £3.90 from Forever 21, I could hardly complain haha!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Zara Xo


  1. Awesome blog :) You are a darling.

  2. I love your outfit, the dress is such a nice colour on you! ^0^ x

  3. Nice post and great blog

  4. Love the inglot polishes, lovely colours! great post! x

  5. I've never tried Inglot, but as a complete polishaholic I think I HAVE to.

  6. I love the midi rings! And they're so cheap as well :O I also really like your dress colour- so pretty for summer!

  7. Really love your outfit lovely and your rings looks so cute! Would you like to follow each other? If you do, please follow me and I will follow right back :) xx

  8. I love Forever 21! Such a good, affordable brand :)


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