Sunday, 21 July 2013

Zambian adventures

I'm so lucky to have family from Zambia. My mum (and the rest of her family) were born and raised there and I've been blessed enough to visit the wonderful country. I was fourteen the last time I visited and to this day it is still the best holiday I have ever been on. From its breathtaking scenery to the humbleness you experience when you see the poverty, it truly is an incredible country.

We lived with family for the most part but when visiting the Victoria Falls we stayed in a hotel called "Zambezi Sun" which is part of the 'Sun International" chain of hotels. And boy, am I glad we did! The service and treatment we got from staff was impeccable -  all so friendly and willing to help. But the most amazing thing about the hotel were the zebras. They were all around the grounds; just lounging about in the sun. It was genuinely so amazing to be so close to them. 

Another amazing part of this holiday was the safari. We stayed in straw huts that were literally placed on the edge of a cliff, above a lake full of hippos and alligators (so clearly not too safe when there's children running about haha), and at night we could hear the hyenas wandering around our huts. Terrifying but such an experience! There were safari outings during the day and our nights spent relaxing around a fire, toasting sweet potatoes and chatting. 

A zambian sunset. One of the most breathtaking sights. 

 Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the locals we met without including a family member but we saw the reality of Zambian living without all the prettiness clouding the view. They were all such wonderful people though with pure happiness within their hearts even though they were struggling. My cousin was given the nickname 'feeder of the 5000' because even if it was just sweets he was handing out, he wouldn't leave any child without. 

I'm hoping to go back there again next year since its been so long! I cannot wait to see the family again and make new experiences. Maybe this time I'll be able to sneak a baby elephant back to England with me! Till then, these memories are more than enough to carry me through <3 



  1. These pictures are gorgeous and wow so lucky to be half from somewhere this beautiful x

  2. That pink sun set is beautiful! Great pictures! Leanne x

  3. Ohmygosh this is so beautiful! It must be so refreshing to go to somewhere like Zambia where you're surrounded by the simplicity of nature and all it's awesomeness...ahhh actually looks amazing, you're so lucky to have family there! <3

  4. Turning green with envy - would LOVE to go!